Room Full Of Smog [Instrumental EP]

by G-Rad Beats

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Make Your Own Version...

Dear Listener, use these Instrumentals to create your own song. Download the album, chop up the tracks, add any new vocal or element you please!

Use the #HonorCode on the prices below. €10 buy in gets you access to the whole thing and non-exclusive performance rights on one (1) single of your own original music. Peace and Bless, #OneLove and Happy Creating!

€10 ~ non-exclusive live performance rights; rock the mic at your next social gathering.
€25 ~ non-exclusive live performance rights and record your own version to redistribute via YouTube or SoundCloud.
€1000 ~ exclusive live and recorded performing rights of your own version; this instrumental will no longer be for sale but all past purchasers retain the rights already purchased.

If you earn money with Your Version of this song, all profit sharing is minimum 25% split to me. Profit Sharing open to negotiations, please contact me for more details.

Merci beaucoup pour tout l'attention,


released August 24, 2016




G-Rad San Francisco, California

G-Rad came out singing. He's been composing since before he could talk.

Picked up the guitar for the first time at age 12 and instantly began writing songs.

Influences range from Radiohead to Wilco, Pearl Jam to Neil Young, Rihanna to Wu-Tang Clan.

Listen as G-Rad genre-hops while channeling influences throughout the ages.
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