Xmas In The Trap [Instrumental]

by G-Rad Beats

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Christmas doesn't get more materialistic than this gangster rap inspired club banging carol. Make your own version with the Instrumental. Serve up a good dose of holiday cheer at your gatherings with your very own rendition of "Xmas In The Trap"!

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Ho, Ho, Ho!

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through the trap
Pretty bitches were twerkin'
Grindin' Santa's lap
The elves were in the workshop
Measuring snow
Rudolph in the stable
Playing with his nose
I am the boss
Red velvet is what I floss
They call me Claus
Worldwide, dropping it off
Got one hand on my reins
Got one hand on my glock
Get too close to my sleigh
Gonna knock off your block
I am the boss

Santa's sack of Christmas trees
Lines of snow, lift ticket please
Mistletoe belt buckle
Hotties dropping to their knees
Wassail, wassail
Why, I'll sell you a sack
Shopping malls all are packed
Take a toke and relax
Dropping molly
Feeling jolly
Baby, shake that ass
Let me see that booty clap
'Cuz it's Christmas in the trap

Naughty is nice
I got the hottest supplies
Dropping acid down chimneys
Lit up like Christmas lights
And you know that you're always gonna get the best
When you send Santa Claus your wish request
I flex, represent exemplary connects
Worldwide distribution network complex
The angel on your tree is gonna see some wicked things
Hard to sleep through the night, can't wait to see what I bring


All deliveries done
Back at the North Pole
Time to have some fun
Tilt the axis some more
Counting silver and gold
This lifestyle never gets old
Blazing Santa's head stash
Blowing wreaths in the smoke
Can't find Donner and Blitzen
They be off chasing Vixen
Mrs. Claus in the kitchen
Whipping up chickens
We fly one day a year
Then we're back on the ground
Bagging up Christmas cheer
By the ounces and pounds

[Chorus x 2]


released November 30, 2015
Gerad "G-Rad" Stemke - lyrics, music, vocals, keyboards, drums, programming, sampling, production, recording engineer (www.g-rad.net)
The Hummbugs - "Jingle Bells" carolers
Robin Applewood - mixing engineer (www.robinapplewood.com)
Ian Miller - mastering engineer (www.woodbridgerecording.com)

© Copyright Gerad Stemke 2014 All Rights Reserved
G-Rad® is a registered trademark

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G-Rad San Francisco, California

G-Rad came out singing. He's been composing since before he could talk.

Picked up the guitar for the first time at age 12 and instantly began writing songs.

Influences range from Radiohead to Wilco, Pearl Jam to Neil Young, Rihanna to Wu-Tang Clan.

Listen as G-Rad genre-hops while channeling influences throughout the ages.
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